Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More on SA

As for sa, it has as its basic function keeping two gravor from combining into a compound,
but it can also function, indirectly, as a sort of possessive particle.

Go ten sa dom.  The I-have house, or, the house that I have, or my house.

This can be abbreviated to.

Go sa dom.  My house.

This also works with any other pronoun, name, or noun:

Janzo ten sa dom > Janzo sa dom
To xyen ten sa dom > To xyen sa dom

So sa is not a possessive particle technically, but can function as though it were.
As for pronunciation, sa is meant to be unstressed.  I've been in the habit of writing
it without a space, gosa, to ensure that, but I've been talked out of it, for the sake
of consistency, so sa should always have a space before it.

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