Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wikipedia Article

I just noticed that somebody wrote a Ceqli article for Wikipedia. It was about Ceqli as it was many years ago, so I just updated it.  It's HERE.  Let me know if you see any errors or have suggestions for improvement.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I've been worrying about "therefore" and "because."  Here's a thought.  Let "kaw" mean "cause," and "kwa" mean "be caused by."
Go kaw ke zi dorm.   I cause you to sleep.
Ke Go dorm kwa zi.  My sleeping is caused by you.

Now, suppose we let these words act as prefixes for je, "and."

Go pa don pan ko zi, kawje zi pa kom.
I gave bread to you, therefore (cause-and) you ate.

Go pa kom, kwaje zi pa don pan ko go.
I ate because (is-caused-by-and) you gave bread to me.

Then, if that all makes sense, we can use words like hum, "logic," to form more specific becauses:

Go pa kom to pan, humkawje zi bu fey kom to pan.
I ate the bread, therefore (logically-cause-and) you can't eat the bread.

Or teyqi, "definition" from Japanese.

Da fimsa jin, teyqikawje da jini.
It is a female person, therefore (definition-cause-and) it is a woman.

Other because/therefore pairs could be made with words meaning "motivation," "process," "justify," etc.

Your thoughts?  Thanks to Gleki Arxokuna for help in formulating this so far.