Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cause and Become

I've decided to go with kaw (from English CAUse) and bli (Danish/Norwegian word for become) for the equivalent of Esperanto igi and iĝi.

smer - dead
smerkaw - kill
smerbli - die

corn - black
cornkaw - blacken
cornbli - turn black

jan - know
jankaw - inform
janbli - find out, come to know

sum - exist
sumkaw - create
sumbli - come into existence

tayar - ready
tayarkaw - get (something) ready
tayarbli  - get ready, ready oneself

Now, thinking about a set of words like 'cook'.  Should 'cooked' be the base word, from which I can derive

X - cooked (food)
Xkaw - to cook somethink
Xbli - to become cooked

Or should the intransitive verb be the base?

X - to become cooked
Xkaw - to cook something

If so, how do I say "cooked" as in "cooked food is on the table"?

I'm inclined towards the first pattern, in keeping with the notion that the basic form should be intransitive whenever possible.

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