Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revision to CV gramvor

Yes, it was the kwa.  I loved the kwa.  Anyhow, here are the replacements I've come up with:

kwa > ka     Zi ten ka?           What do you have?
kyu > ku     Ku zi tayar?        Are you ready?

The igi 'cause' word is fer, from French faire.  The iĝi word, become, is vay, from Frisian, no less.

Go dormvay.  I go to sleep.  Go tayarfer to komxto.  I prepare the food.

Big is now gran, and small is tayn (English tiny)  and we shorten them to form gra, a prefix that acts like Eo -eg, and tay, for -et.  As modifiers, they mean 'very' and 'slightly/moderately.'

'to go' is now 'gey,' from German, and old ja now means and/or.  All four basic connectives are jV.

This isn't all reflected on the Wiki yet.  This won't look a whole lot different, but will make parsing things a lot easier.

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