Saturday, April 12, 2014

Names Reworked

I believe I have the name problem solved. All names to end in -t. Plus a logical way to show what they are names of without overcomplicating things. Take a look HERE.
Comments and suggestions welcome.

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  1. I would like to start by saying that of all the auxlangs out there (and there are quite a few) Ceqli is in my personal top three auxlangs. While I'm not fluent in Ceqli I do think you did a great job and I hope you keep going at fine tuning as you go along with this clever language.

    While I'm not sure whether adding a suffix to word is a necessity to be able to recognize what is a name and what isn't (at least I never found it overly challenging pick up on them when learning a foreign language) I understand that the roots of Ceqli are taken from Logban making it desirable to keep Ceqli as logical as possible.

    Having said that I think adding a -T as a suffix to the end of a word is a clever way to signify it's a name without adding another syllable to the word. For example if the suffix were -AS you would get longer names to pronounce, like John would be Johnas (2 syllables) or longer names like Peter would become Peteras (3 syllables).

    I know Mandarin does something similar when translating foreign personal names by adding -er. Take for example the name Michael becomes Mai-ker (迈克尔)or Samuel which becomes Sāi-móur (塞缪尔). Essentially -er is contracted to become part of the last syllable.

    I do wonder about one aspect of naming that you mention in your lesson 3.

    go ja japant. I go to Japan.
    go japant. I am Japanese.
    go bebol japant. I speak Japanese.
    go ja japant. I go to Japan.

    I think in the above examples use the name of language, the name of the country and the people of that country follow strongly the influence of English and other Western Languages.

    It seems to me that instead of using the suffix for names -t, a suffix for the categorizations is more fitting.

    So if we mean the Japanese language, why not say Japanlang (japantbol or japanbol). Similar Japan the country could be something like Japantstan and a Japanese person Japantshin.

    Again I'm not very fluent in Ceqli so any grammar mistakes I just made or things I might have misunderstood I do apologize for. I really do like the language so please don't think I'm trying to criticize here.

    Anyway keep up the good work! :)