Thursday, May 18, 2017


No, not that Dubya. I just had an epiphany, or something. Let's change that rule I mentioned in the last post, and say that both i and u become semivowels when next to a vowel. And if you don't want them to, use a hyphen to stop it from happening:

bua - BWAH
bu-a - BOO-ah

Skia - SKYAH
Ski-a SKEE-ah

And that liberates both y and w for other uses. So let's use w for schwa. And j can indicate the palatalization of the consonant it follows:

sj = /S/ Sji selz si sjelz bai dxw sisjor.
tj = /tS/  (so the language would be Tjeqli.)
zj = /Z/
dj = /dZ/

I know this is an alarming revision, but please don't react like Sensei does in the illustration.

I'm going to go with the revisions in this and the last post unless somebody talks me out of it.

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